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Scott Lively Declares National DROP THE MASKS Day on October 19th

Scott Lively

203 Views - 20200910

Dr. Lively calls for a national "Citizens Strike" against mask mandates in the form of a "DROP THE MASKS DAY" on October 19th. October 19th is the anniversary of the American victory over British occupation in the Battle of Yorktown, VA in 1781. Yorktown is a perfect symbolic analogy to the constitutionalists rebellion against the tyrannical Marxist Deep State and Purple Uniparty who are imposing mask mandates as a method of cowing the 20200910lic into submission as a precursor to far broader serfdom. The goal of DROP THE MASKS DAY is for every anti-mask American to simply go about their daily lives without wearing a mask, and being willing to refuse to comply with demands to put one on (and to encourage everyone else in their circle of influence to do the same). Dr. Lively suggests that this be a purely grassroots campaign with no central organizational hub, but that people organize their own local groups. Of course, local and regional DROP THE MASKS events could and should be held in the interim as warm-ups for the big event. He also suggests adding signs reading DROP THE MASKS DAY October 19th to pro-Trump standouts and other 20200910lic gatherings. Take the initiative and spread the word!