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Breaking News! Leaked Covid 19 Pandemic Roadmap 2021 Lynn Channel Facebook

Al Pha Omega

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BREAKING NEWS!!! ITO DIUMANO ANG ROAD MAP" O MGA PLANO STEP BY STEP NA SUSUNDIN SA HINANAHARAP NG COVID19/PANDEMIC. MGA SENARYO NA POSIBLENG MANGYARI... (THIS IS SAID TO BE THE "ROAD MAP" OR STEP BY STEP PLANS TO BE FOLLOWED IN THE FUTURE OF COVID19 / PANDEMIC)... #covid19 #roadmap #lynnchannel Please click this link to support this channel its completely free Also please follow Lynn Agno the official Lynn Channel in Youtube and Facebook. Thank you and may GOD bless us all mga ka Curious, as always. MUST READ!!! Why I will NOT be taking the Covid-19 Vaccine and why you probably shouldnt either... 1) The biotechnology contained in the new generation of DNA and RNA vaccines is called CRISPR Cas9 and it is a Genetic Engineering biotechnology whose purpose is to perform targeted DNA alterations within living cells. The vaccine will turn all who take it, into Post -Human Hybrids. Its all a Transhumanist Agenda to force the evolution of mankind from our legacy human nature created in the image of the Most High, to a Post-Human existence (Humanity 2.0). This is why it is also called the Mark of the Beast. It turns Humans into Hybrids that cannot be saved, just as those in the days of Noah did and were all destroyed by a Great Flood except for Noah, who was declared to be of Pure Genealogy. 2) The vaccine also comes laced with Digital Nanotechnology which utilises bioluminescent particles known as LUCIFERASE, which glow under U.V light. This will become the Digital Proof of Vaccination (Immunity Certificate), that will allow those who take the said vaccines to come out of lockdown and return to normal. Those who decline the vaccine will not be able to travel, fraternise 20201025licly, work etc, and eventually they wont be able to buy or sell. 3) The Digital proof of vaccination will also serve as an individuals TRACKABLE Digital Identity and also their Travel Passport...containing all their biometrics including their DNA. 4) The Digital proof of vaccination will later be tethered to each individuals Digital Wallet where their Universal Basic Income will be paid into, when all fiat currencies (cash) are made obsolete and phased out as part of the so-called Great Reset (Research this under the World Economic Forum). Centralised Digital Currencies will soon be launched and only those who have taken the vaccine will be able to have access to that economic system. This is how those without this MARK OF THE BEAST, will not be able to buy or sell. 5) The is a Social Credit System coming which will replace the current capitalist system, due to the takeover of all jobs by Ai Humanoid Robots known as Synths (Synthetic Humans). Everyone will receive their Universal Basic Income based on how they are rated under this Social Credit System which is already operational in China. All these things may sound like conspiracy theories but this is exactly what is coming along... Also, all who take the DNA-altering RNA vaccines will experience a Genetic Mutation that will turn them into Zombies. IF NOT PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, AS ONE PARTICIPANT IN THE ASTRAZENECA VAX TRIAL SAID THEY CAN NO LONGER FEEL GOD AND THAT THEY'VE KILLED GOD. THEY MAY BE TINKERING WITH THE VMAT2 GENE FOR THIS ONE AS WELL. No to DNA-altering Vaccines! No to Invasive Digital Identity! No to Transhumanism! MAY YAHUAH PROTECT HIS RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE FROM THIS ABOMINATION LIKE HE DID NOAH & HIS FAMILY. MAY HE PROVIDE A PLACE AND MEANS OF ESCAPE FROM THIS ABOMINATION LIKE HE DID FOR NOAH IN HIS DAY. MAY HE OPEN EYES AND EARS THAT HIS PEOPLE MAY UNDERSTAND CLEARLY THE SEASON THAT WE ARE IN. AND MAY THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, YAHUAH, BE GLORIFIED, MAGNIFIED, EXALTED IN THE LIVES OF HIS CHOSEN ONES WHO WILL UPHOLD HIS GENETIC LEGACY NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES. Credits to brother Prince Norman Nyazika. All caps emphasis added, mine.