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Having Kids Without Risk of Divorce - Is it Even Possible?

Entrepreneurs in Cars

17512 Views - 20210115

Men should take a cautious approach to being a father and vetting a woman for the mother of his kids, with 80% of divorces initiated by women, and 80% of custody orders going to mothers, family law is hostile towards dads. In this video I talk about reducing the risk of fatherhood. Channel Sponsor: You're showering anyways, so why not buy handmade soap from a sponsor that supports the creation of my content. Use code "COOPER" at checkout and Get 10% off Tactical Soap mentioned at the end of the video here: Send business/sponsorship inquiries to ====================================================== HOW TO GET COACHING: Phone Coaching: Request a Video: ====================================================== Join my email list: ====================================================== JOIN MY PRIVATE MENS COMMUNITY The absolute best way to connect with me, and 400+ men chasing excellence, is to join my private community for men. It's a monthly subscription, and the exclusive content is commercial free, catered towards men living better lives, and will never be found 20210115licly on my channel. You will get direct access to me and: 1) In depth private videos to help men master, self-care, money, biz and inter-sexual dynamics 2) Access a secret Facebook community men working on themselves 3) Join private bi-weekly live Q&A hangout sessions with me 4) 25% discount on my 1 on 1 coaching rate. All of the above perks can be had on my website: ====================================================== Bitcoin Donations BTC address: 1L1AUHgPeEWXr5AeG6eStRpHsa93FBSNuk ====================================================== FAQs That thing on my wall: What I do for a living: ====================================================== Richard Cooper - For all business inquires contact This video is not to be reproduced without prior authorization. The original YouTube video may be distributed & embedded, if required. #Father #Dad #Kids