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Catholics Fight for St. Junipero in Crazy California

TFP Student Action

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Please sign the Pray for the Police pledge here: Saint Junipero Serra landed on the West coast with his missionary brothers. Within less than half a decade, the holy friar founded 21 missions and was responsible for the conversion of countless American Indians. Its no surprise these actions earned him the illustrious moniker, the Apostle of California. But sadly the cancel culture is attacking his legacy. Following the trend of protesters influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement, California malcontents have begun a campaign of historical revisionism and anarchic destruction. They are tearing down statues dedicated to Saint Junipero. In San Francisco, rioters toppled a magnificent statue of the great saint in the Golden Gate Park. In Ventura, Calif., protesters also took his statue down from the 20200903lic square. TFP Student Action volunteers traveled to both San Francisco and Ventura to defend Saint Serras legacy, true American history and the heritage of California. #JuniperoSerra #Statue Site: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: