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How Do Linux Kernel Drivers Work? - Learning Resource


143557 Views - 20191212

If you want to hack the Kernel, are interested in jailbreaks or just want to understand computers better, Linux Device Drivers is a great book to get you started. I used to learn the basics and in this video I want to share what *clicked* for me. LDD Book: LDD3 Example Code Updated: -=[ Stuff I use ]=- Microphone:* Graphics tablet:* Camera#1 for streaming:* Lens for streaming:* Connect Camera#1 to PC:* Keyboard:* Old Microphone:* US Store Front:* -=[ Support ]=- per Video: per Month: -=[ Social ]=- Twitter: Website: Subreddit: Facebook: -=[ P.S. ]=- All links with "*" are affiliate links. LiveOverflow / Security Flag GmbH is part of the Amazon Affiliate Partner Programm.