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[Onara RPG] Lost Treasures Boss#2 Lavender


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Looking back at the old LT, we found many things that are unsatisfying. Therefore, our team decided to redo the game, but this time, we do it a little bit differently. The project started 5 years ago and every now and then we got stuck due to various reasons. It might take forever if continuing like that. So, I decided to create a Patreon page, not as way to earn lots of money, but as an incentive for us so that we can finish the game sooner and better. Now, let's get to business. Here's what's new about LT remastered. - Upgraded graphics and visual effects - Upgraded musics and sound effects - Concise stories and smooth gameplay (removed some characters, though) - Multi-language support (Traditional and simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, and maybe more! (need volunteers)) - Game over scenes - etc. etc. In a word, we've changed lots of things, and I hope these changes make players more comfortable. The Lavender fight and future WIP will be accessible on our Patreon.