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Walter Veith & Martin Smith - To Vax Or Not To Vax? What's Up, Prof? 46

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81593 Views - 20210114

In Episode 46 we discuss the extremely hot topic of vaccinations. Are there perhaps deeper implications than to merely vax or not? Should anyone be allowed to dictate your choice? Become a member and support us to keep producing free videos - Download of all What's Up Prof? Videos here: Free Download of all What's Up Prof? Audio files here: Send your questions to: Visit our website her: Visit our online store here: Watch all What's Up Prof Episodes Here: #vax, #vaccination, #WalterVeith, #Moderna, #Pfizer, #AstraZeneca LINKS FOR FURTHER STUDIES: Sky News Australia YouTube Channel - Australian vaccine cancelled after false positive HIV tests MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY YouTube Channel - COVID 19 Vaccine Deep Dive: Safety, Immunity, RNA Production, w Shane Crotty, PhD (Pfizer / Moderna) MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY YouTube Channel - Coronavirus Update 118: AstraZeneca DNA COVID 19 Vaccine Explained (vs. Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna) Sky News YouTube Channel - COVID-19: 'Mixing coronavirus vaccines is not recommended,' health agency warns PBS NewsHour YouTube Channel - Boris Johnson warns of the dangers of technology in wide-ranging speech to the United Nations SixthSense BitChute Channel - PROFESSOR DOLORES CAHILL Guardian News YouTube Channel - WHO warns Covid-19 pandemic is 'not necessarily the big one' Valuetainment YouTube Channel - Vaccine Debate - Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz Articles:!po=15.8451