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Urges | A fox woman in heat begs for your assistance and offers her body

Moonlit Hypnosis

47993 Views - 20170413

For more like this, tour the channel or visit The magic granted to Spruce during a certain incident has expected and unexpected side effects. The unexpected include primal lust and arousal, as well as a desire to be filled and fucked to completion on the part of the foxy librarian. Stumbling upon her in a state of disheveled desire, you volunteer your body to assist her. Note: this audio is phrased for listeners with penises. It is long, explicit, and powerful. Moonlit Hypnosis is a joint project between Aine Duana and Silver Spruce. It is a furry and mythological creature storytelling venture, focusing on themes of erotica, transformation, and mind control. Backers get early access, but all our work rotates into freedom eventually. Silver Spruce is also known as Aurelia Alder of and her other work can be found there. For those who want to send something personal, she has a wishlist Aine Duana is also known as Elena McIvor of If you want to see more like this, like and subscribe. There is also a discord channel we both text chat on. Find it at