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Arousal - Erotic Hypnosis File by Mia Croft | TheHypnoMistress

The Hypnomistress

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Relaxed and aroused. The perfect combination, to enjoy at (almost) any point in your busy day. Though this short file might be considered vanilla to some, its a highly effective file for whetting your sexual appetite and making you feel completely stress-free, happy, and turned on. A trigger-free session, which can be listened to without previous experience. Suitable for both men and ladies! Mia Xxx ________________________________________ RECENT RELEASES Zero Self: Deep Hypnosis. Mindless, open empty mind for Mia Croft| Confusion induction for deeper hypnotic trance. Ecstasy of being entranced by Mia Croft. Sophia's Massage | CFNM Obedience with Mia Croft & Sophia: Erotic hypnosis conditions obedient boys to enjoy CNFM parties with horny dominant women. Submissive Display 1: The Interview. Mia Croft Triggered to signal your submissive nature to Dominant Female around you. . Obedient Boys service Well Heeled Women. Femdom Foot worship hypnosis heaven| Helpless boys, seduced, ensnared, hypnotized and conditioned to obediently kneel and serve at the sexy feet of dominant Women Forced Confession Hypnosis, Bondage CFNM + JOI with Mia & Katya: Captured, Hypnotized by Dominatrix. Blindfolded, leashed and led on your knees Naked Desire - In the Showers: CFNM JOI with Mia Croft and Sophia Mia's Foreplay for you Mind: Previews. Confession, JOI and 20161008lic humiliation; Obedience Class: Teachers Pets classroom discipline; High Heels: Stilettos, Submissive boys servicing sexy women Seduced and confused by Polished glossy nails Alien Abduction: Taken by SEXY Aliens, Hypnotized, probed and milked Sex Therapy for Couples - Alexandra's hypnotic seduction - F4F & F4M versions. Watch Alexandra seduce and hypnotize your pretty girlfriend. Katya's Nipple Nails: Pain and embarrassment mixed with a little horniness. Sophia's Stiletto Seduction - Heel dangling Fractionation Primer. Weak to high heels. Ritual Tribute - CEI Primer: Subconscious fetish. Lick and lap up your own sticky mess. Unconditional Submission: Worship Alexandra's feet, heels and stockings Party Plaything: Naked entertainment for my guests, groping, stroking and spanking you. FEMDOM Court - Choices and Consequences: Bondage and discipline Part 1 Choices and Consequences Part 2 Breach of Parole Zero Mind: Mild on Femdom, strong on positive reinforcement. Femdom Lovemaking: Slave and sextoy for my sexual needs. Pain pleasure and aftercare. Return to the Klub Deja Vu: Spirals, ASMR, whispers, sexy Dommes Conditioning for Submissive boys: Find your submissive, obedient inner self through hypnosis Mia's Party Pleaser: Be my toy, share you with my girlfriends who tease, train and hypnotize helplessly submissive boys like you? Live Hypnosis: The Hypno Show. Live stage show with the sexy female Hypnotist Mia's Black Leather Pants: Permission to cum and Denial versions available Boot Licker by Mia Croft: Go on boy, you know what to do. Femdom Playtime: Its playtime. Mistress Mia wants to tease you with her toys. THE HYPNOMISTRESS SHOWROOM: https://www.thehypnomistress * com