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Mighty Ira: Ira Glasser, Free Speech and the ACLU - System Update with Glenn Greenwald

The Intercept

13247 Views - 20201020

For this special episode of System Update, Glenn is joined by Ira Glasser, former executive director of the ACLU from 1978-2001 and the subject of a newly released documentary, "Mighty Ira." Glenn and Ira discuss why civil libertarians must defend the rights of those they despise, the apparent abandonment of free speech commitments by some of the liberal left, and the role of the ACLU in US politics -- traditionally and now. Mighty Ira is out now: Follow for updates: Follow Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: Read Glenns work: System Update: Previous episodes: Subscribe to our channel: Chapters: 00:00:00 Intro Sequence 00:00:10 Glenn's Monologue 00:13:57 Trailer: Mighty Ira 00:15:40 Conversation with Ira Glasser 01:22:51 End Credits