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GEICO Claims Audition: Billy Blanks - GEICO Insurance

GEICO Insurance

12993562 Views - 20201220

Tae Bo guru Billy Blanks knows how to crush an intense workout. Too bad for him, filing a claim with GEICO is more like an extremely low intensity squat, if there was also a bean bag chair under you and a dedicated claims team waiting to massage that mildly winded index finger. Subscribe to GEICO: COMMERCIAL CAST: Billy Blanks: Himself Casting Director Kari: Michole White Casting Director Evan: Chris Aquilino Camera Operator Kevin: Michael Strassner as Camera Operator Kevin Male Fitness Assistant: Brian Zo Female Fitness Assistant: Angeline Appel Save money with GEICO today: RELATED VIDEOS: The Gecko Reveals "15 Minutes" Origin - Fencing Problem - The Gecko Plays Tetris - GEICO's been saving people money for over 75 years. See how much you could save: Connect with us on... Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: One more time: subscribe to the GEICO channel to get all the latest commercials automatically! #GEICO #TakeTheDramaOut #BillyBlanks