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BOMBSHELL VOTER FRAUD REVEALED!!! | Lin Wood Exposes Voter Fraud and Shares How Kyle Rittenhouse...

Clay Clark

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Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are exposing the election fraud and Lin Wood shares the facts about the Canadian-made DOMINION vote-counting machines and the Venezuelan-made SMARTMATIC vote-counting software as well as how he helped get Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail See All of the Documented Voter Fraud (Videos, Signed Affidavits, etc.) Document Link - Get All of the Facts Related to the COVID-19 / 2020 Chaos Today At: Listen to Clay Clark's Chart-Topping Podcast Featuring Interviews with Wolfgang Puck, John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Nancy Grace, Grant Cardone, David Bach, Ken Blanchard, etc. today at: #LinWood #SidneyPowell #VoterFraud